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“Silk Road from Keqiao, Live Connection Around the World” Online Fair of Keqiao Textile Merchants (Italy Station) Officially Launched


Si è tenuta con successo la famosa fiera online dell'industria del mobile di Zhejiang (Europa centrale e orientale).


Sponsorizzata da Zhejiang CCPIT e organizzata da Yiwu Boyu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, la fiera online dell’industria del mobile di Zhejiang (Europa centrale e orientale) si è conclusa con successo il 21 maggio, con un totale di possibili accordi commerciali di oltre 1,8 milioni di dollari

“Meta One” Will Launch Mobile App Soon!


Metaverse Federation and Metaverse Federation University and the Meta Time together announced that “Meta One” will officially launch for mobile App on May 20th, 2022!

Avviso della Fiera | La famosa fiera online dell'industria del mobile di Zhejiang (Europa centrale e orientale) si terrà il 17-21 maggio


Al fine di aiutare le imprese di mobili dello Zhejiang a esplorare il mercato internazionale, dal 17 al 21 maggio il Consiglio per la promozione del commercio internazionale dello Zhejiang terrà la "Fiera online 2022 della famosa industria del mobile di Zhejiang (Europa centrale e orientale)" per aiutare le imprese ad espandere la propria quota di mercato in Europa centrale e orientale attraverso il marketing digitale.

GT investigates: Who are the mouthpieces of US-led war of public opinion on “Chinese dams’ threats” along Mekong River, and what are their typical methods?


US' politicization of ecological water issues in the Mekong River for the purpose of tarnishing China's reputation via launching rhetoric battles has become more trendy. The Stimson Center, a US-backed think tank, again bashed China in February for allegedly "holding a massive amount of water" and "might need to be paid to release water for downstream communities afflicted by droughts," marking the US' latest efforts to sow discord in the area. 

BYD ATTO 3 Officially Launched in Macau to Help Create a Carbon-free City


On April 7th, BYD ATTO 3 was officially launched in Macau as BYD and its Macau partner Companhia De Automóveis De Energia Nova Hap Dic Limitada are working to realize the “carbon-free” goal of Macau.

BYD and Shell partner on EV charging across China and Europe


BYD and Shell have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to help accelerate the energy transition and improve charging experience for BYD’s battery electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) customers, enlarging customer value.

Crypto Social Chain Move the World DOLAIMI Social Wallet Creates Future Wealth


In the wave of digitalization, technology is profoundly changing finance. As a pioneer, DOLAIMI Social Wallet has completed the construction of an open and innovative platform with no threshold, multi-function, multi-application, multi-dimension and multi-revenue by taking the lead in implementing the financial technology strategy, comprehensively promoting the construction of core competencies, achieving high-quality business development, and realizing the trial of "blockchain + finance", becoming the industry's first platform to cross the It has become the first blockchain financial platform

La rinascita di Hong Kong


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