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CEA Flies China's First Full Life-Cycle Carbon-Neutral Flight

2021-10-13 Associated Press

On the morning of October 12, the CEA flight MU5103 between Shanghai Hongqiao and Beijing Capital made its first successful maiden voyage as China's first full life-cycle carbon-neutral flight. From that day to December 10, CEA will operate the first batch of 780 full life-cycle carbon-neutral flights on 13 domestic routes, adding up to more than one million kilometers of green trails.

The maiden voyage not only achieved the offsetting of carbon emissions in flight, but also made progress up the industry chain. By purchasing carbon credits from reforestation projects and PV power generation projects, the flight’s supplier—China's first carbon-neutral oil project—has achieved full life-cycle carbon neutrality from crude oil extraction, transportation, aviation fuel refining, storage and combustion of finished oil products.

For passengers on carbon-neutral flights, they are not only witnesses, but also participants and practitioners of green flights. CEA's official app provides a clear and intuitive view of the exclusive markings of carbon-neutral flights, encouraging passengers to explore the journey. Eastern Miles members can use their points to support carbon-neutral projects such as reforestation, and receive electronic medals and thank-you letters.

On MU5103, the green flight experience did not only come from the aviation fuel of the day, but also from the attempt to “reduce plastics”. The meal sets used on the flight were made of biodegradable CPLA (polylactic acid resin), while the blankets, headphones and other in-flight supplies were made of materials that met plastic restriction standards, such as non-woven fabrics. The flight's breakfast is a healthy, green, low-calorie meal with spinach noodles, sugar-free yogurt and sugar-free whole wheat bread. During the flight, the cabin will also constantly publicize the science of green flight to encourage more people to understand and support the "carbon reduction" initiative.

In the past five years, through extensive practices in areas such as route optimization, scientific and environmental protection, paperless flight packages, new energy vehicles and intelligent buildings, CEA has cumulatively saved more than 600,000 tons of fuel and reduced carbon emissions company-wide by about 2 million tons, which is equivalent to planting about 89 million large trees.

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