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International Garment and Consumer Goods Digital Expo Successfully Held


The “International Garment and Consumer Goods Digital Expo”, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, was successfully held from December 1 to 3. More than 240 China domestic high-quality enterprises from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shandong were selected to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition gathered professional buyers from Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries online. The exhibits covered shoes, bags and related accessories, daily consumer goods and other products.


The exhibition was widely promoted in European countries in a diversified way, and professional buyers were invited to visit and purchase in the exhibition through precise attraction. In this way it helped enterprises to realize online exhibition and negotiation, making up for the “break point” caused by the suspension of offline exhibition due to the epidemic. This exhibition offered a new solution for traditional business trade in a new way and further strengthened the supply and procurement docking and aggregation, helping China domestic enterprises to grasp orders, expand market and increase confidence without leaving home. During the exhibition, the supply and procurement sides realized instant interactive communication by means of graphics, online text communication, audio and video, which greatly enhanced the exhibition display effect and matchmaking efficiency and was widely praised by enterprises.


The digital exhibition closely followed the market demand of garment and consumer goods in China and Europe, effectively helped Chinese foreign trade enterprises break through the epidemic barrier, created a zero-distance, low-cost and high-efficiency digital communication platform for foreign trade enterprises. This has further promoted the economic and trade cooperation between China and European countries to ensure steady, long-term and solid economic and trade cooperation between China and European countries.

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