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"Shengze Weaving" Embarking on a New Journey


——the 10th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Unveils Its Curtain

In 2014, Shengze Town (Wujiang District, Suzhou City) which has an industry, a market, and enterprises valued hundred billion yuan, extended an invitation to the global textile industry as the host of the First Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo. From then on, "Shengze Weaving" has come into the view of the global professional market.

Small steps lead to faraway places. On October 20, the 2021 10th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo will embark on a new journey. As a business card of Shengze’s textile industry to the world, Shengze Textile Expo is not only an important window to show the industrial cluster to the world, but also another sonorous and powerful voice for the construction of Shengze, the charming fashion capital.

Shengze Textile Expo is hosted by the People's Government of Wujiang District (Suzhou City) and Jiangsu Textile Industry Association, and undertaken by the People's Government of Shengze Town (Wujiang District, Suzhou City), Jiangsu Garment Association, and China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee. There are nearly 650 booths in this year's textile expo, with an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters. After years of development, in terms of scale, quality, industry influence, and brand recognition, the textile expo has become the industry's bellwether and a professional exhibition with insights into new trends in the development of the industry.

This year's textile expo will showcase the "pretty and quality" fashion fabrics, the "technological and green" functional fabrics, and expand the scope of exhibits from textile fabrics to raw materials, printing and dyeing, finishing, garments, accessories, textile machinery, etc. The scope of exhibitors has also been expanded horizontally and vertically. With the outstanding cohesion of the exhibition platform, the textile expo will lead the industry to usher in a bright new era of high-quality development.

Ruizhe SUN, Chairman of International Textile Manufacturers Federation and Chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council, stated in his speech that Shengze’s textile industry has been at the forefront of the industry and the times. Its industrial foundation has been continuously consolidated and its industrial ecology has been constantly improved facilitated by in-depth development in digitalization and fashion industry. In the meanwhile, the Shengze Textile Expo, which has benefited from the profound industrial foundation, has continued to develop and grow, demonstrating significantly enhanced industry reputation, commercial activity, industry guidance, and consumption driving force. This year's textile expo will showcase the strength, vitality, and charm of Shengze's textile in the new era. It is of great significance for smoothing industrial circulation and driving regional development.

Ruizhe SUN also hopes that Shengze Town will make a forward-looking layout around material innovation, green innovation, digital innovation and other fields, and find the integration point of industrial development and the future track; it is essential to promote the transformation of manufacturing and the development of fashion industry steadily and systematically in accordance with the actual foundation of the industry as well as the laws of science and the market; it is necessary to consolidate the advantages of scale and system, support the good and strong ones, nurture Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and build harmonious symbiosis of production, life, and ecological beauty.

Ming LI, Party Secretary of Wujiang District, said in his speech that silk textile is a dazzling business card and a unique symbol of Wujiang. As the bellwether of Jiangsu’s private economy, Wujiang has an industry, a market, and enterprises valued hundred billion yuan. Among them, Shengze Town is an important cluster area with Hengli Group and Shenghong Group, both of which are world Fortune 500 companies, ranking 67th and 311th respectively. In recent years, adhering to the development concept of "technology, fashion, and green", Shengze Town has been promoting the stunning transformation of silk textile from "fabric" to "material", and facilitating the industry to transform from pure manufacturing through diversified and high-end development including research and development, trade, and fashion. The construction of Jiangsu's first National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center has been accelerated. Wujiang Silk Industry Case Study was the third Case Study of Best Practice in Copyright Utilization and Protection organized by WIPO. The formation of the fourth 100 billion-level industrial cluster of new materials is being accelerated.

In order to improve the timeliness of the exhibition and enrich its content, two heavyweight conferences will be held during the three-day exhibition, including the 2021 China (Shengze) Apparel Supply Chain Conference with the theme of "Optimal Supply Chain and Quality Materials" and the Precise Matchmaking Fair with the theme of "Launch Hundreds of Products and Connect Hundreds of Enterprises". There will be 3 competitions including the 2021 4th China Ecological and Environmental Protection Fabric Design Competition (Huajia Silk’s Brand Launch Show), the 2021 "China Cup·Fashion Shengze" Digital Art Fashion Design Competition’s final and award ceremony (CHIAYI’s Brand Launch Show), and ZI JINGHUA & LIUXUHEYI’s Brand Launch Show.

Another important exhibition area in the textile expo is set up to showcase the high-end textile machinery. Focusing on the policy of "Intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing", the textile machinery exhibition utilized intelligent manufacturing and added about 260 booths in the exhibition area for textile machinery manufacturers. There will be about 1,000 high-end technical equipment and products on display at the scene. The leading manufacturers of textile machinery all over the world such as Smit of Italy, Stäubli of Switzerland, BYD, etc. will showcase their latest and most advanced textile machinery and technology. As a communication platform that promotes the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry and co-creates the era of mechanization, this exhibition area will present a technological feast for the textile industry with high-end equipment, and facilitate enterprises to fulfill the requirements of green, intelligent, and high-end development.

Company:Shengze Fashion Week  Committee;

Contact Person: Wu Miao


Telephone: 86 18501557698

City:Shengze, Suzhou, China

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