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Autonomous Yard Robot Yarbo Continues to Delivers Tip-top Yard Maintenance Year Round


Yarbo Inc.’s intelligent yard robot takes the effort out of yard maintenance from season to season with the tap of an app.

Sep 5th, 2022 - Yarbo Inc., an innovative technology company based in New York is pleased to introduce a new intelligent and perimeter wire free robot to provide year-round yard maintenance. As an intelligent yard service provider, Yarbo Inc. focused on yard maintenance with independent R&D technology.

Touted as the World’s First Multipurpose Yard Robot, Yarbo can autonomously mow lawns, snow blow driveways or sidewalks, and blow leaves or debris. This unique yard robot is engineered with a multipurpose integration system that can accommodate a range of detachable modules including the snow blower, leaf blower, and lawn mower. This multi-purpose capacity eliminates the need for several yard maintenance units and is space-saving.

Using the appropriate detachable module, Yarbo can mow up to 1.5 acres of grass with precision, blow leaves and debris faster and more efficiently into designated areas and blow snow up to 40 feet away in any direction. In fact, Yarbo Snow Blower removes snow faster and more efficiently than any single-stage snow blower.


In addition, Yarbo is equipped with an intelligent planning system that integrates autonomous navigation and positioning, charging and execution of work. The yard robot is also engineered with an accurate positioning and navigation system called PPVS, sensors and a camera that provide autonomous detection of objects, and durable rubber tracks that can navigate any terrain. It is powered by a 36 Volt 38.4 Ah lithium-ion battery that is designed to operate efficiently even in freezing temperatures. The battery can be removed for charging in Yarbo's portable power station.


Yarbo can be easily operated from a smartphone app that allows the owner to set up multiple workspaces and restricted areas. The app can also monitor and record the working conditions of Yarbo in real-time.

The docking station, which offers safe and wireless auto-recharging, enables Yarbo to work continually to keep the yard perfect.

When asked about the motivation for creating yard robots, the vice president Kenneth Kohlmann explained: “The most precious commodity we have in life is time. Why waste it doing yard work that can be automated?


Yarbo Inc. is on a mission to become a global intelligent yard service robot company. In fact, plans are afoot to introduce additional modules including Yarbo Sprinkler for irrigation and spraying pesticides, Yarbo Plow to push snow to sides of driveways, and Yarbo Guard that provides surveillance, trash cans towing, and packages pickup.

About Yarbo Inc.

Yarbo Inc. is an innovative technology company with an independent R&D team. As an intelligent yard service provider, Yarbo Inc. focused on yard maintenance, and its main business is to provide autonomous yard robots which offer multi-functional services including cleaning, entertainment, spiritual companionship, etc.

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